Virtual Dementia Tour (VDT)

VIRTUAL DEMENTIA TOUR® (VDT)- A window into the world of dementia through the evidence-based dementia simulation training. 

What Is the Virtual Dementia Tour? 

The Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) is an evidence-based, patented sensitivity training program based on research conducted by P.K. Beville, M.S., a specialist in geriatrics and the founder of Second Wind Dreams®.   VDT is designed to give people the opportunity to experience what dementia is like through an individualized, experiential tour while building a greater understanding of dementia. 

During the VDT experience, trained facilitators guide participants outfitted with patented devices that alter their senses while they try to complete common everyday tasks and exercises.  The tour enables caregivers to experience for themselves the physical and mental challenges those with dementia face and use the experience to provide better person-centered care.   Proceeds from the VDT are used to fulfill Second Wind Dreams’ mission to make dreams come true for our elders who live in long term care. 

Watch this SWD video to learn more about the Virtual Dementia Tour® and its impact on participants.  Click here. 

Who Could Benefit? 

  • Senior Care community:  hospitals, post-acute, skilled, nursing homes, assisted living, memory care, home plus, and those who provide home health, hospice, and private duty services 
  • Colleges/universities 
  • Clinical school programs; medical, nursing, social work, CNA, PT/OT/ST 
  • First Responders 
  • Associations 
  • State Agencies 
  • Churches 
  • Salons 
  • Doctors’ offices/Dentist offices 
  • Businesses 
  • Families 
  • Everywhere and everyone that encounters someone living with dementia 

When dementia strikes, it strikes the whole community, not just the individual. The impact of this disease on businesses, employees, and families in general makes increased sensitivity a societal imperative. 

As stated on The Second Wind Dreams website,” Anyone involved in the care of seniors will encounter individuals living with dementia. The insight provided by the Virtual Dementia Tour® (VDT) … will alter perspectives and change the way your staff approaches caregiving. One very important result of use of the VDT is a reduction in the use of psychoactive medication once staff has a better understanding of expected dementia behavior. The Virtual Dementia Tour has also been lauded as the game changer in helping staff understand what person-centered care actually entails. The bottom line is that resident quality of life will improve, and caregivers will benefit from a reduction in the number of challenging situations and an increased connection to those they serve.” 

Christi Crawford, CEO/Founder of Dementia360 Consulting, is a Virtual Dementia Tour Trainer who assures that the VDT is conducted properly as studied and designed so that the clinical integrity of the program is maintained, and users can count on consistent and effective outcomes. 

The Virtual Dementia Tour® can be conducted within the community, healthcare facility, hospital, convention, conference, or in families’ homes. 

We can work with you and your organization to host a VDT for your staff members or host a community event. As only certified facilitators can provide the VDT Training, Dementia360 Consulting is proud to be able to offer this service.  VDT is an immersive experience and helps individuals develop a sense of empathy and have a better understanding and ultimately become a better caregiver. 

Christi Crawford is a Virtual Dementia Tour Trainer who assures that the VDT is conducted properly as studied and designed so that the clinical integrity of the program is maintained, and users can count on consistent and effective outcomes. 

VDT Facilitator Training- enable your staff to get the required training to become a facilitator to conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour for staff training or community events.   As a VDT Certified Trainer, Christi can train your staff in your company, so you have your very own VDT Facilitator, as well as in hospital settings and at conferences. Let us know how we can help you! 

VDT® programs and trainings available through Dementia360 Consulting: 

Traditional VDT® - Are you looking for a high-quality dementia training for your staff? A Second Wind Dreams VDT Certified Trainer can conduct the Virtual Dementia Tour experience for up to 60 participants per day.  Available at eldercare communities, hospice, home health, home care, non-healthcare and healthcare business organizations, conferences, seminars, senior centers, community centers, first responders and the community. 

Contact Dementia360 Consulting for specific pricing
Half Day and Full Day tours available 

Cost:  Starts at $1,000  

+ Travel/Living expenses as needed 

*NOTE:  All pricing set by Second Wind Dreams and agreement with Dementia360 Consulting.  Prices subject to change.   

What's provided: 

  • State-of-the-art training conducted by a Certified Trainer with multiple training hours through the VDT creator. 
  • CEUs for the following disciplines: Nursing (RNs, LPNs), Long Term Care Administrators, Activity Professionals, Registered Dietitians, Social Work  
  • In-service debrief covers person-centered care of those with dementia. 
  • Training that meets and exceeds the federal government mandates requiring additional training for every healthcare entity providing care to those with memory impairments. CMS’s initiative to decrease psychoactive medication is opening the door for more innovative, person-centered care. 
  • Hands-on training designed to increase staff’s understanding of what dementia is like Trainers will provide all VDT components and materials necessary for a comprehensive Tour experience.​ 

VDT® Hospital Edition- 

  • Studies indicate most hospital staff are not trained to provide specialized care for people with dementia. Second Wind Dreams® offers the first Virtual Dementia Tour, specifically created for hospitals. 
  • Simulation training is co​conducted in your hospital or Emergency Department for all staff by certified Virtual Dementia Tour trainers. 
  • Practical suggestions specific for dementia care. 
  • Comprehensive debrief of the experience facilitated by Certified Trainers. 

Cost:  $1500 Full-Day tour, up to 60 participants
+ Travel/Living expenses as needed
*NOTE:  All pricing set by Second Wind Dreams and agreement with Dementia360 Consulting.  Prices subject to change.  

VDT® Facilitator Training- This training is required for those looking to provide ongoing training for personal staff within your organization as well as provide a way for people in the community to experience the VDT and walk away with their own VDT experience, results, recommendations through the help of Facilitators.  The VDT Facilitator Training is required to ensure that the Virtual Dementia Tour is conducted properly as studied and designed to maintain clinical integrity of the program and so that the users can depend on consistent and effective outcomes.   

Cost:  Starts at $2,025* 

*Includes Manual and VDT materials, Facilitator training for two people within your organization, annual membership, VDT components necessary to perform the VDT 

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