Dementia 360 Consulting is a life changer!   My Mother and I attended the Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Seminar: Concepts & Techniques and it helped clarify some of the experiences we have had in caring for our Husband/Father and identified the symptoms that he displays. Before attending this seminar Mom and I were confused about his behaviors and difficulties navigating his daily routine. After the seminar we came away with a better understanding of what he is going through. We learned new coping techniques which will enable us to provide better care for Dad. 

Christi Crawford truly has a talent for training the caretaking population and community to recognize what to do when a patient is experiencing the effects of dementia. Her compassion for teaching Staff the importance of evidence-based alternatives and interventions which allow the patient to live a quality of life in a safe environment, empowers those who care for individuals with dementia to identify risk-factors in order to address ones we can change and ones we cannot. 

We cannot thank Christi enough for allowing us to attend this seminar. It not only opened our eyes to the services available for caregivers, it put our minds at ease to know that we’re not alone on this journey. 

Candice C., BSW, MSW &Marisa C., BSW/Family Caregiver

Christi is very passionate and knowledgeable about dementia. She has extensive experience related to dementia and is an excellent teacher. The training programs offered by Christi are valuable for anyone wanting to learn more about dementia. I highly recommend her and her business. 

Jill Ice MSN, RN, BCPA/Founder/Advocate Sunflower Health Advocates

If anyone wants to learn more in depth about Dementia and Alzheimer’s, whether for family or for professional care, I highly suggest taking a class with Christi. She is interactive, fun, and teaches in a way that helps you understand each kind of cognitive impairment. Christi provides families with the tools to make this journey less painful and provides a better knowledge of how to deal with the changes as the disease progresses. In addition to the fantastic tools and techniques, this class helps you to begin to understand the disease and how to look beyond it to the person. I took this class as a professional that works with families learning to live with various forms of dementia, little did I know that just a few short weeks after taking this class I would use the knowledge to journey with a daughter that experienced a brain aneurism and the resulting damage. 

Melissa H./BSW

Christi’s passion is unmatched when it comes to pushing the field of ‘dementia education’ forward. Her company Dementia360 Consulting provides high-quality education through unique and personalized care and training strategies. What I love most is Christi’s ability to work with any organization and be a partner, not just a consultant. She brings her multi-faceted perspective through care, operation, and research that does not provide just guidance -- but rather helps change the mindset of those working with dementia. This type of change is more sustainable, and in the end, creates better caregivers, operators, and more importantly – better quality of life for those with dementia. 

Joshua Freitas, Ph.D.(c), M.Ed., BC-DEd, et al./Chief Research Officer, The CERTUS Institute (CI) | Vice President of Program Development, CERTUS Senior Living | Chief Education Officer, The National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE)

It is with great pleasure to partner with Christi Crawford and Dementia360 Consulting. Christi’s knowledge, experience, and drive make our partnership transformative as it relates to offering state-of-the-art and research-driven dementia training & certification programs. We learn from one another and work together to create a mission of educating future generations on dementia, collaborating to foster new understanding, and advocating on behalf of those living with dementia. We are excited to see where this partnership goes and how it may improve the lives of those living with dementia through educating professionals, caregivers, and a future generation. 

The National Institute for Dementia Education/NIDE Standards of Excellence (SOE) Council

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