Dementia Training and Education

Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: Concepts & Techniques Seminar - Certification through the National Institute for Dementia Education (NIDE) 

Earn your NIDE Dementia Certification - when you take the Understanding Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia: Concepts & Techniques Seminar 

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This one-day course is essential for healthcare professionals, caregivers and any others that work with those who have Alzheimer's and Dementia! In this class you will experience a combination of classroom, hands-on, and role playing to learn the most and feel confident implementing the tools you learn immediately.  This class is led by Christi Crawford, dementia care expert and Founder and Owner of Dementia360 Consulting.   

Earn up to 10 CEUs and your NIDE dementia certification.   

There are three different NIDE certificates of experience.  Certificate of experience options and requirements: 

1.     Dementia Advocate:  NIDE Certified (DA-NC) 

  • obtain minimum 4-hours of NIDE approved dementia training 
  • ongoing advocacy such as fundraising, presentations, etc. 
  • minimum 1 year in the field of dementia with first person interaction with someone with dementia or living with someone with a dementia diagnosis 

2.    Dementia Caregiver: NIDE Certified (DC-NC) 

  • obtain 8-hours of NIDE approved dementia training 
  • minimum 1 year in field of dementia with hands on experience with activities of daily living and resident engagement 

3.    Dementia Professional: NIDE Certified (DP-NC) 

  • obtain 12 hours of NIDE approved dementia training 
  • have been in a supervisory (or care planning) role for minimum of 1 year within dementia population 
  • minimum of 2 years in field of dementia 
  • experience with ongoing care planning 
  • experience with in-service training or dementia care management 

The Understanding Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia: Concepts & Techniques Seminar is required for those pursuing dementia certification through NIDE and who qualify for one of the three NIDE certificates of experience.  

NIDE certification is available to those who qualify based on the NIDE certificate of experience options and requirements. 

There is a total of 10 CEUs available upon completion of 12 hours of NIDE approved dementia training.  

In this class you will learn and will be able to apply immediately... 

  • Receive and understand the fundamentals on dementia education and dementia care 
  • Learn early signs of dementia vs. normal aging 
  • Learn what are the risk factors of dementia  
  • Be able to recognize the symptoms in every dementia stage 
  • Understanding of the brain and what is happening in the brain causing the progression of the disease 
  • Learn about the characteristics of Alzheimer's disease and other most common types of dementias and helpful hints for caring for each specific dementia 
  • Learn communication techniques; how to communicate with and how to understand what your resident/family member is trying to communicate to you 
  • Ability to enhance the quality of life for those living with dementia 
  • Learn ways to provide more meaningful experiences for your loved one or resident 
  • Immediately apply tools, alternative therapy, and interventions for caregiver stress reduction 
  • Understand causes of common behaviors and how to prevent and/or reduce difficult care situations  
  • Earn up to 10 CEUs 
  • Receive a certificate of attendance at the seminar 
  • Application and submission for NIDE dementia certification (all done for you by Dementia360 Consulting) 
  • Join FB community support group "Dementia360 - Be The Change" 
  • with other either healthcare professionals or family caregivers for added support and continued conversation 

Benefits of dementia training:  

  • Reduce pharmacological interventions 
  • Improved employee retention when provided with tools and skills to recognize and prevent/reduce behavioral challenges that arise 
  • Improved environment for residents/patients/participants that also creates an environment for employees that is peaceful, enjoyable, and less distracting.  When employees are provided with tools to assist them in providing a personalized care approach that helps them to connect with their dementia patients. 
  • Employees become more productive when they can better recognize and meet the needs of their dementia patients before situations and behaviors arise. 
  • Improved employee satisfaction and attendance through the support of management by offering training that sets them up for dementia care success and in turn creates a more positive team and work culture.  
  • Work with a trainer/educator that you can trust - a leader in the senior healthcare industry for years.  

*Upon completion of the seminar, you are eligible to earn up to 10 CEUs through the NYU Center for Continuing Education in Nursing.  There is no additional cost and or submission needed by attendees - cost of CEUs and NIDE dementia certification is included in initial cost of the seminar and submission is completed by Dementia360 Consulting immediately upon completing the seminar.  

Seminar I (8- hour seminar):  $275          

This is for those applying for either:  Dementia Advocate:  NIDE Certified (DA-NC) or Dementia Caregiver:  NIDE Certified (DC-NC) 

Seminar I & II (12-hour seminar):  $375 

This is for those applying for Dementia Professional:  NIDE Certified (DP-NC) 

Family Caregivers:  Pricing as low as $29  

*No CEUs or Certifications available at family caregiver pricing.   

 Cost includes:  

  • Dementia360 Student Handbook (digital) 
  • Dementia360 Handouts (digital)  
  • Certificate qualifying you for NIDE dementia certification (sent digitally after completion of course)  
  • Up to 10 hours of continuing education credits (for qualifying nurse)  
  • Seminar I includes 7 hours    
  • Seminar I & II includes 10 hours 
  • Free access to the FB community support group "Dementia360 - Be The Change" with other either healthcare professionals or family caregivers for added support and continued conversation 

Private classes are offered to those interested in advancing their understanding in dementia care.  We can accommodate groups of all sizes.  Are you looking for a private training/classes for your team or company; Assisted Living, Hospital, First Responders, EMT, Fire, Public Safety, Gerontology Programs, Nursing Schools, Technical Schools- PT, OT, ST, Dental Hygienist, CNA, CMA, and many others.  We will schedule a private class to fit your teams' needs that is on-site at your location, Live or via Zoom options available.    

Preferred Group Rates Available.  

Please contact us for more info and to schedule your private training seminar.   

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