Dementia Coaching

Providing compassionate guidance on your dementia journey.

A dementia coach is like having a friend, companion, ally, mentor, and expert all in one. We help you make a plan, provide education and answer questions, and are here for you when you need us most.

Working with a Dementia Coach can help you:

  • Understand what a dementia diagnosis means for you & your loved one
  • Know what to expect as you move forward
  • Establish a support system & connect with trusted professionals
  • Have a plan for the inevitable “what if's”
  • Feel supported during times of change & decision
  • Learn memory & communication strategies
  • Provide support on how to plan for vacations or family gatherings
  • Set up the home when a loved one is moving in or visiting
  • Work with Assisted Living or Memory Care facilities
  • Navigate changes in behavior, self-help skills, & health
  • Take care of yourself & avoid caregiver burnout
  • Confidently advocate for your loved one

What We Offer

Action Plans & Family Care Plans

We will begin by establishing where your loved one is within the disease progression, answering your questions, and helping you understand what a dementia diagnosis means for you and your family. We will then create a plan so you know what to expect as you move forward and you are ready for the inevitable "what if's".

Individual & Family Coaching Sessions

We will meet in person or via Zoom to navigate current concerns and challenges, address immediate needs, and provide ongoing support.

We understand how quickly things can change, therefore, each session is guided by both our action plan and your immediate needs.

Packages Available

Family Education & Caregiver Training

Education will help you understand what a dementia diagnosis means for you and your loved one, understand the disease process, and navigate the changing needs of your loved one. Through training, strategies, and guidance, we are committed to helping families work together.

Get Started

We offer free 15- minute phone consultations to introduce our services and answer your questions. Click here to schedule your free introductory call.

Are you ready to get started today? Click here to book your Client Discovery Session where we will:

  • Review your current support system and identify your current and long-terms needs and goals
  • Determine the focus for caregiver, family, and client education going forward
  • Discover your loved one's immediate needs

Following the Client Discovery Session, you will receive an Action Plan along with community connections and recommended next steps.